One of the most famous beverage supplier in Taiwan

One of Taiwan's most renowned beverage suppliers and manufacturers, Yanghe International, was established in 1993. Initially, the company served as a professional raw material supplier, directly sourcing and importing various materials from overseas to supply major domestic brands, factories, and chain foodservice channels. Through successful market trend predictions and prudent management, Yanghe International has grown steadily over the years.

With the support of customers and the commitment to providing better services, our business scope has expanded to include product development, quality control inspection, OEM & ODM processing, brand representation, raw material supply, and other related fields. In recent years, we have obtained multiple international certifications, aligning with global standards, and have dedicated efforts to enhance product quality, expand production capacity, improve efficiency, and actively develop health-oriented products. Our goal is to offer customers and consumers the highest quality, practical, and innovative products and services.

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  • ​產品設計、 自有品牌生產
  • 生產製造、 專業委託代工
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